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Fish EyE Standalone GPS Unit


Standalone GPS system for any bait boat.

Available in 3 options.

Option 1: Internally mounted unit for self install £200

Option 2: Externally mounted unit for plugging into boat power port £240

Option 3: Externally mounted 8hr battery powered unit £290

Perfect for adding GPS to Waverunner, microcat, Viper, RT4, X-Boat, Deliverance, Lake Star, Lake Reaper......
Boasting 300m Blutooth range straight back to your Android phone or tablet.
Mark save and recall waypoints all through a simple to use app.
Be sure to hit the spot with my modified GPS receiver which utilises Galleleo satallites to acheive 1 meter accuracy.
These units will also allow Raymarine users to do live contour mapping.