Connect and Ultra winch Cam main Camera with live depth and temperatur – Fish Eye Camera Kits

Connect and Ultra winch Cam main Camera with live depth and temperature sensor


This is our long awaited new main camera for the Connect and Ultra winch cameras.
There is no other camera on the market with the tech that is packed in to this powerful and compact camera.
This camera has live depth (ft) and temperature (c) sensors built in, it will tell the user live on screen how many feet down in the water the camera is at and also the temperature of the water at that depth to .1 of a degree.
This camera features a new lens with a wider angle giving the user a 16.5ft field of view at 5ft from the bottom and a 6ft field of view at only 2ft from the bottom.
The lens is also fitted with a 700nm filter blocking out natural infrared light to maintain human eye colour reproduction. 
The camera features a new layout of super bright micro led lights that can be remotely turned on and off from the Ultra and Connect winch camera systems.
We have had the cameras made with a domed top to encourage line to slip off freely in a situation where line could possibly get entangled.
The camera maintains the subtle and strong kevlar reinforced 30ft cable rated at 30kg breaking strain.
This camera is only compatible with fisheye winch camera ultra and connect winch camera systems.
Camera dimensions :  25mm diameter x 51mm high.
All existing anti spin fins will also fit this camera.
This camera can not be fitted to older camera versions such as the Pro and Compact.
The depth displayed is accurate to +/- 20cm