12V / 6V Bait Boat Battery Power Lead – Fish Eye Camera Kits

12V / 6V Bait Boat Battery Power Lead


This 12V / 6V battery power lead is for use on lead acid bait boat batteries. Ideal for charging spare batteries with most solar panels and is an exact replacement for Waverunner 2.4GHz bait boat battery leads.

The power socket is a 2.1mm ( center pin ) with a  5.5mm ( outer diameter ).

Our Fish EyE Camera Kits can be run direct from this lead, great for running Margin Cam with, and will free your boat up for other duties.

Please note when connecting this lead to your battery the RED wire goes to the + Positive

and the BLACK wire goes to the - Negative.

If you get them the wrong way round you will FRY your boat or Camera Kit