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Fish EyE Camera Kits Android / Apple WiFi Boat Underwater Camera Kit


Fish EyE Camera Kits WiFi Camera Kit.

Android app available here

Spy on Fish and Watch live video on your mobile or tablet.

Easy to operate, simply Pair your Android or Apple device with the Wifi signal from this kit, open the downloadable app from Google Play or Apple App Store and you will see the live video stream from the camera kit.

The App features pinch to zoom in and out, record, snap shot, replay and email functions.

This kit runs through 2.4Ghz WiFi and has been tested to over 70 meters, the specifications for the WiFi card state 100 meters range with the right conditions.

This Kit can be attached to Waverunner and Microcat Bait Boats, with a supplied power lead. For use on all other bait boats It can also be run from one of our Fish EyE Camera Kits Power Packs.

This kit features a full waterproof camera for mounting below the water surface, it can also be used mounted on the top of a boat for getting up close and personal with far margins and islands.

Choose your required set-up from the list.

Choose your boat type.

Choose your camera type.

Our Cameras explained.

The standard camera supplied will have no special adaptations, it will just simply allow you to view an image from your boat.

The Day Time camera is designed for perfect colour reproduction with the aid of one of our specially fitted Lens. The lens had an aftermarket Infra Red cut filter and blocks all IR light above 700 nano meters, giving perfect human eye colour reproduction. The down side is that this camera will not work in darkness.

The New LED Night & Day camera combines our IR Cut filter Lens with 10 bright white LED lights. This camera can also be used in darkness and will illuminate objects 2-3ft away, possibly further in the correct water conditions.

Please note our Universal With Battery Pack option is £20 more expensive as we are including a discounted Fish EyE Power Pack and battery charger.

All of our other accessories are fully compatible with this WiFi Camera kit.