Fish EyE Camera Kits 2.5" 5.8ghz Mini Monitor – Fish Eye Camera Kits

Fish EyE Camera Kits 2.5" 5.8ghz Mini Monitor


This is our latest 5.8ghz 2.5" monitor.

Measuring only 85mm x 55mm x 20mm and under 100g !

It is pocket size, perfect for traveling light, and it can be recharged from a USB port. It will work with all past and present Fish EyE Camera Kits.

It has a built in 45min battery ( will last longer with screen brightness turned down ) and features a Micro SD card slot for recording your video footage.

The monitor comes with Remote, USB Charging lead and Wall Charger.

Easy to mount on your boat handset

Extras you may need for this unit :

  • 12v lead acid to monitor charger lead (allowing bank side charging)


You will nee to purchase a tripod for this monitor, any standard camera tripod will do.