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Fish EyE Camera Kits GPS Winch Camera


Built up to a standard, not down to a price!

Now with 2 years warranty

This is our standard MK2.5 waterproof live video winch camera system, with a unique difference.... It now has GPS.

Whats New ?

GPS, These winch camera systems have sub 1 meter accurate GPS built in, with 250+ meters of range straight back to your mobile device for saving unlimited locations / fishing spots through a simple easy to use application. 

The GPS winch cameras will also allow all Raymarine wi-fish / pro 4 owners to use the GPS functionality of the wi-fish app, along with live contour mapping through the navionics app.

The MK2.5 winch now features a brushless servo motor, this improves the speed of the winch and cuts down on all the noise of standard servos.

The MK2.5 winch camera cable is now only 1.55mm in diameter, it is Kevlar fiber reinforced and has a breaking strain of over 30KG.

Product Spec: 

The winch camera is an independent unit with its own easy to operate hand set, allowing for one handed control for lowering and raising the camera.

This winch camera can be mounted on most bait boats such as microcat / procat / and waverunner, a fish eye camera kits power pack will be required for all other boat makes.

Measuring 130mm x 100mm x 70mm and only weighing 450g this is a light weight and compact unit, with a camera capable of depths to 20ft.

Our winch camera has no heavy power thirsty motor, we are using a modified Brushless servo which allows for very precise control. The servo stops when you release the dial control on the hand set, and has a built in fail safe to stop should the unit go out of range.

Our camera features super bright white LEDs and 1000 lines of resolution. This means that our camera reaches the highest possible resolution that can be transmitted wirelessly. The super bright white LEDs enable you to achieve perfect shots above and below the water line Day and night.

The winch camera can be used as a surface camera / underwater boat mounted camera and as margin cam. We supply a mounting clip so you can position the camera anywhere on your boat, and our buoyant margin cam foam strip.

The Fish Eye Winch Camera System comes boxed with:

  • 1 x Winch Camera MK2.5 Unit and Hand Set
  • 1 x 7" LED Monitor with built in battery, video receiver and recording function
  • 2 x Antenna
  • 1 x Monitor wall charger
  • 1 x Monitor sun shade
  • Dual Lock mounting patches / anchor patches
  • Protective Kit Bag