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Fish EyE Camera Kits Anatec Winch Camera Pro


This is our  NEW Winch Camera Pro for the Anatec.

A waterproof live video camera on a winch, perfect for lowering down to depths that standard bait boat mounted cameras cant see.

Built up to a standard and not down to a price, only the best components have been incorporated, along with pin point precision custom housing.

All the features of our standard winch camera, but in a small compact easy to use format. We have done away with the standard pistol grip controller and incorporated the winch controls in to a tripod mountable monitor holder.

We have also added some more tech inside the winch camera for perfect operation every time.

Product Spec:

The winch camera pro is an independent unit and can be self installed with out any boat modifications.

Measuring 115mm x 75mm x 50mm and only weighing 378g this is a light weight and compact unit, with a camera capable of depths to 20ft.

Our winch camera has no heavy power thirsty motor, we are using a modified Brushless servo which allows for very precise control.

The servo stops when you release the spring loaded wheel control on the monitor mount. 

There is no need to worry about bringing the winch camera up too far as our camera cable is rated at over 30kg breaking strain and will cause no damage what so ever.

Our camera features super bright white LEDs and 1200 lines of resolution. This means that our camera reaches the highest possible resolution that can be transmitted wirelessly through 5.8ghz. The super bright white LEDs enable you to achieve perfect shots above and below the water line Day and night.

Basic instructions, warranty information can be viewed here 


The Fish Eye Winch Camera Pro System comes boxed with:

  • 1 x Winch Camera Pro and mounting brackets
  • 1 x Winch Camera control monitor mount ( USB rechargeable & tripod mountable )
  • 1 x 7" LED Monitor with built in battery ( up to 2hrs run time)
  • 3 x  5.8ghz Antenna
  • 1 x Monitor wall charger
  • 1 x Monitor sun shade ( built in to the monitor )
  • Velcro mounting patches