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About Fish Eye

Fish Eye is an innovative and forward thinking angling equipment manufacturer based in Yorkshire, England. 

We manufacture ground-breaking products specifically designed to solve some of the more difficult problems we encounter as modern anglers.

As keen anglers ourselves, our business came about through a need to improve our own fishing skills - and to make our carp fishing sessions more effective. We asked ourselves how could we do better, how could we learn more, how could we improve our chances, and we came up with ideas for the products you now see on this website. We make all of the products ourselves, we field test them ourselves, and we continue to use them on a regular basis for our own fishing. 

We truly believe in the products we sell, we strive to make them the best they can be because personally we wouldn't settle for anything less, and you can be confident knowing we wouldn't be happy to sell them to you if we didn't genuinely feel they did a great job.

With this website, we have tried to make everything as clear and simple as possible, and our products self explanatory, but if you have any important questions or something you think we have missed, please feel free to contact us through our contact page and we'll do our best to help.

We currently have more ideas and products under development, so if you like what we do please check back to the website from time to time, sign up to our email newsletter and like us on Facebook page for status updates.

Tight lines!

Matt and the Fish Eye crew.