Bank Side Deeper Range Extender – Fish Eye Camera Kits

Bank Side Deeper Range Extender

£140.00 £199.00

The Deeper Fish Finder bankside range extender will take your fish and feature finding to the next level.

Using some top secret code and custom parts the Fish EyE range extender will take an un-modified Deeper beyond 200+ meters, and an antenna modified Deeper beyond 400+ meters. 

The range extender is USB re chargeable and packs a whopping 16000mah of power, giving an approximate run time of 15hrs none stop (maybe more). The range extender is standard camera tripod mount compatible and shower proof too.

The Range extender will only work with WiFi enabled Deepers and not the Bluetooth versions.

There is no set up required as this will all be pre done for you providing you can email a screen shot of your Deepers WiFi SSID which should look like this (see below picture).

The email address to send your screen shot to is

your order can not be processed with out this screen shot being sent to us.


The range extender has 1 year warranty and comes with 2 antenna and a USB charging lead.

Warranty will not cover accidental damage, water damage or unit tampering.