FECK Ultra Pro Winch Camera Tablet Holder – Fish Eye Camera Kits

FECK Ultra Pro Winch Camera Tablet Holder


Tablet holder for all Fish EyE winch camera systems.

The tablet holder slots on to the winch camera controller, and replaces the need for a dedicated monitor. 

The Tablet will need a Skydroid 5.8ghz dual receiver to receive the live winch camera video.

We have based our tablet hold around the Samsung SM T220 Lite which is a powerful tablet capable of split screen viewing of the ND Smart Boat APP and either Raymarine or Deeper APP's whilst running a Pop Up window for the winch camera live video.

The Skydroid receiver works on a few different apps but we are using USB Camera Viewer.

USB Camera Viewer – Apps on Google Play

We can amend the mounts to fit any Android tablet, providing it has OTG function and you are able to test the Skydroid receiver and confirm working on your tablet model, and provide accurate tablet measurements.