Lake Star Bait Boat Camera Kit – Fish Eye Camera Kits

Lake Star Bait Boat Camera Kit


This is a plug and play system designed for Lake Star bait boats. It features 1 waterproof camera that can be used either underwater or as a surface camera. 

Once the camera system has been mounted to the Lake Star bait boat it is then powered from the Lake Star charging port. A real time video feed is then transmitted back to the 7" monitor for live viewing. 

The Fish Eye Lake Star System comes boxed with:

  • 1 x Removable Camera and Upgradable Transmitter unit
  • 1 x 7" LED Monitor with built in battery, video receiver and recording function
  • 2 x Antenna
  • 1 x Monitor charger
  • 1 x Monitor sun shade
  • Velcro mounting patches for the transmitter and camera units
  • Light weight protective padded kit bag.



Camera Lens:
Waterproof Camera: 
Yes On A 3.5mm Jack
Night Vision: 
10m - 20m
Camera Power Consumption: 
Camera Power Source: 
Bait Boat Charger Port
Transmitter Range: 
500m - 1000m
Monitor Size: 
7" LED
Built in Receiver
Monitor Power: 
Rechargeable 4200Mah Built in battery ( 2-3hrs )
SD Card Slot:
Record Function:
Monitor Accessories:
Tripod and Sunshade supplied
Tripod Compatible: 
Special Requirements: 
3-4ft off the ground
*Please note there is no Boat with this item or Tripod. The picture's are for illustration purposes only.