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Lithium Powered Fishing Bait Boat from the same factory as Waverunner

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This new bait boat is the same size as the Waverunner Shuttle. It is packed full of features and is possibly one of the best boats we have ever seen.

This boat features a removable magnetic lid, which give's you access to the inside of the boat.

From here we can see the motherboard, Lithium batteries,  motors, and the removable plastic wing nut for fitting a fish finder.

Once the plastic wing nut is removed there is a pre drilled hole where a fish finder can be installed, it is so simple we even fitted a fish finder on the bank with out the use of any tools or sealants. There is even a fish finder power connector pre installed inside the boat.

Running 2 x 12v 13.2 amp hour Lithium batteries you can expect a running time of over 6 hours.

Specification :

Box Dimensions (L*W*H): 585mm*365mm*265mm
Product Dimensions (L*W*H): 470mm*310mm*250mm (not including the height of antenna)
Product Net Weight (including batteries):5.6KGS
1 x independent magnetic hopper,
1 x independent magnetic hook release
Maximum Bait Capacity: 2KGS
Running Speed: 80 meters per minute without weed guard
Running Speed: 50 meters per minute with weed guard
Electrical System: DC 12V
Range: 500 + /- meters (depend on weather and environmental conditions)
Radio Handset: 4 channel transmitter, 2.4GHz
Propulsion: 2 independent motors
Batteries: 2 x lithium 12V 13.2AH
Running time (at max speed): 6+ hours with lithium batteries
Charger Voltage: AC 110V—240V

This new Bait Boat can be delivered in 5-10 working days